Call of Duty: Modern Warfare meets Cyberpunk 2077 with the hilarious Beta gliths


Several participants in the latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare Open Beta phase stumbled into such singular graphic glitches that led them to make hilarious demonstration videos to share the wonder of their “discovery” with the rest of the community.

From the pages of the respective social channels and from those of the ResetEra and Reddit videogame forums, some COD Modern Warfare Beta users offered their testimony and unleashed the reaction between the incredulous and amused Call of Duty fans.

Many of these graphics glitches, in fact, distort the appearance of the textures that map the polygonal models of weapons and buildings, to the point of producing themselves in artifacts that do not make it incredibly difficult to continue the game. In the most glaring cases, such glitches end up giving the entire game scenario an aspect not too dissimilar from that admired in the Cyberpunk 2077 movies, with buildings full of neon signs and people lit up with festive lights by cybernetic grafts and bright clothes.

In the hope that this kind of bug and glitch will not recur at the launch of the next Activision and Infinity Ward kolossal shooter, we remind you that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will arrive on October 25th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On these pages, you will find the card with the system requirements on PC and a special one of the best multiplayer modes of COD Modern Warfare.

I don’t think the game is supposed to look like this from modernwarfare

Call of Duty LSD DLC pack from modernwarfare

My game loaded in looking like a funky acid trip.. from modernwarfare