Fortnite X Batman: how to complete all the challenges Welcome to Gotham City

Fortnite x batman official

Until October 1, Fortnite players can take on the challenges Welcome to Gotham City, the new event dedicated to Batman. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete them all, in order to get the related themed rewards.

Below we list all the challenges of the Fortnite Welcome to Gotham City event, explaining how to complete them all.

Inflict damage on opponents with an explosive Batarang (0/250)

During the Welcome to Gotham City event, in Fortnite Royal Battle games you can get the explosive Batarang and the Grapple Shooter. To complete this challenge, we recommend that you reach Gotham City, where most players in the match will concentrate. At this point, all you have to do is throw your explosive Batarang at your opponents, to accumulate at least 250 points of damage.

Light several Bat-signals outside Gotham City (0/3)

On our pages, we have already explained to you where to find the Bat signals.

Use Batman’s Grapple Shoot in different games (0/3)

We advise you to play in Team Rumble mode, open the chests in search of the Grapple shooter, and use it as soon as possible after you have found one. Repeat the operation in three different games.

Defuse the Joker tanks in various places indicated (0/3)

We refer you to our mini-guide that explains how to defuse the Joker tanks quickly.

Inflict damage to opponents with a Batman Grapple Shoot within 30 seconds (0/1)

You should be able to combine this challenge with the one that requires you to use the grapple shooter in several games. Team Rumble mode can simplify things, as you only need to take a little damage after using the gun. Thirty seconds are also surprisingly generous for such a challenge.

Light a Bat-signal, use a Batman’s Grapple Shoot and deal damage with an explosive Batarang in a single game (0/3)

Locate and turn on a Bat-signal with the help of our dedicated mini-guide (we linked it just above), and set off in search of the Grapple Shooter and the explosive Batarang and then use them. Again, we suggest playing in Team Rumble mode.