Fortnite X Batman: where to defuse the Joker tanks quickly


Fortnite challenges are finally available Welcome to Gotham City dedicated to Batman. In this mini-guide we will explain how to quickly complete the challenge “Defuse the Joker tanks in various places indicated”, showing you the positions of the tanks.

Joker tanks are present in the places indicated on the map. Given that the challenge in which we need to defuse three, we have decided to show you the places closest to each other where you should go, so as to complete the challenge as quickly as possible.

Defuse the Joker tanks in various places indicated (0/3)

In the map shown at the bottom of the page, we have marked the positions where it is convenient to go to defuse the Joker tanks. In this case, we suggest you concentrate on the cylinders located north of Snob Beaches, in Parco Pacifico, at the Shores of Sacking, in Gotham City, in Borgo Bislacco, and in the Department Stores. All you have to do is land in one of these places, find and defuse the Joker tank, and repeat the operation in the two closest locations indicated.

If you need a visual reference to more easily locate the exact positions of all Joker cylinders, you can watch the video proposed at the top. Speaking instead of the other sifdas Benvenuto in Gotham City, we remember that on our pages we have also explained to you how to complete the challenge Ignite Bat-signals outside Gotham City.