How is Nintendo Switch Lite made inside? Let’s find out in this video!

How is Nintendo Switch Lite made inside

Usually, when a person buys a new console, he can’t wait to run home, discard it and start playing. With Nintendo Switch Lite, if you wish, you can also do it on the return journey. However, there are also those who can’t wait to get their hands on it … to take it apart in a thousand pieces!

This is what the head of the YouTube channel Spawn Wave, Jonathan Downey, did. He published a video teardown that shows in detail the components of the new portable console from the Kyoto company. Downey, to begin with, noticed that the analog sticks have the same design as those mounted on the older sister: “Even on the inside, it seems to be very, very similar. Maybe Nintendo has modified some materials, but from what I could see they seem equal”. Will these also present the problem of Joy-With Drifting? we’ll see

Downey also notes the presence of a small 13.6 Wh battery, or 16% less than the original 16 Wh. This confirms the initial assumptions, namely that the higher autonomy guaranteed by Switch Lite is made possible by greater processor efficiency, as well as by the smaller screen. The latter is produced by InnoLux, the same company that takes care of the display of the updated version of Nintendo Switch. The speakers are the same as the original, while the Wi-Fi antenna has been moved, probably to ensure better reception. It looks like Nintendo had to work hard to be able to get a competitive price from the various component manufacturers. For more information, we advise you to watch the video at the beginning of the news. Good vision!