Kojima on Death Stranding: origins, because it is a “Kojima Game” and a detail of gameplay


With the approaching date of publication of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima does not hesitate to share different considerations with his audience through his Twitter account.

On the pages of the social network, the game director has in fact recently touched on various topics related to the new IP. In particular, the author wanted to go back to remembering the origins of the project, coinciding with the foundation of Kojima Productions and the start of his new professional career. In a twitter, Hideo Kojima tells the “year zero”: 2016. At this stage, the author, having terminated his collaboration with Konami, was looking for an engine, a new office, and collaborators. In a year that should have been devoted to building new professional bases, ” the biggest goal was to announce the development of Death Stranding “. In Tweet, Kojima thanks “to the company back then, attaching shots in the companions of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo Del Toro. Still remembering 2016, the author shared some concept art dedicated to the character of Cliff (Mikkelsen), specifying that the scene that the sees the protagonist in the trailer The Game Awards 2016 will be present in the game, while

other Tweets have been dedicated to the concept of “Hideo Kojima Game” : the author has specified that this wording is attributed exclusively to the titles he himself edited “concept, production, original history, script, setting, game design, selection of the cast, direction, definition of the difficulty, promotion, visual design, editing and supervision of merchandising “. Finally, with the last twitter, a small detail of gameplay was shared It appears that our Sam will be able to improve his ability to play the harmonica with training, apparently even BB will offer his appreciation for our musical performances!