Marvel’s Avengers: Black Widow shows off her multiple video skills

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The guys at Crystal Dynamics have released a new gameplay movie entirely focused on Black Widow, one of the controllable heroes in Marvel’s Avengers and its multiple abilities that it is able to use in combat.

Natasha Romanoff relies on her innate ability to remain calm in any situation, as well as on gadgets, tools, weapons, and attacks suitable for every type of situation. Being a highly trained assassin, she fights by exploiting the vulnerabilities of her opponents or creating them where they are not, for example by attacking them from behind or stunning them. ” Using the grappling hook” , explains the Lead Combat Designer Vince Napoli, “it is possible to defend oneself against incoming attacks by opponents and at the same time to start a combat action from distance, both from the ground and in the air” .

In the attached video below, Black Widow shows off her skills during the first mission of the game and in a boss fight fought against Taskmaster. Before leaving you to the vision, however, we remember that Marvel’s Avengers will be published on May 15th, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. Recently, Iron Man’s black armor in the Original Sin version has also been shown.