Obsidian, the first Xbox exclusive could be a first-person RPG


As is now well known to all fans, the renowned studio of Obsidian Entertainment, responsible among others for Fallout New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, was acquired by Microsoft and joined the Xbox Game Studios team.

This means that, after the publication of the ever closer The Outer Worlds, the software house will focus exclusively on the platforms of the Redmond company, namely PC and Xbox One. At the moment the identity of the next project is not known, but thanks to eleven new job ads appeared on Linkedin we can trace a temporary identikit. To begin with, future employees are required to be familiar with the powerful Unreal Engine 4, and in more than one job posting it is specified that this is a great RPG, suggesting that there may be high production values ​​at stake. The Combat Designer will have to work on a combat system that places “a strong emphasis on melee fights in person “ . The same job figure will also have to focus on distance fighting and work closely with the animators to integrate animations in the third person, probably to highlight some actions in combat. The same Combat Designer will also have to integrate into the ‘ Statistical action game for equipment and characters, which is not surprising at all since it is an RPG.

The Lightning Artist, on the other hand, will have to develop a complex lighting system for a day/night cycle, while the User Interface Artist will be responsible for creating an innovative user interface. The Network Programmer and the Network Programmer are also required to have skills with online multiplayer, suggesting that the title could also include such features.

We would like to clarify that nothing has yet been announced officially. Furthermore, the project in question has all the air of being still in an embryonic stage, so many things could change. The team is now focused on the release of The Outer Worlds, scheduled for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for October 25th.