Old Kratos against Greek Kratos: who is stronger? The father of God of War explains it to us!

Old Kratos against Greek Kratos

Exchanging a chat with his many fans, Cory Barlog intervened on the pages of his official social profiles to reveal an interesting anecdote about the character of Kratos, the iconic hero of the God of War series.

Exhorted on Twitter to discuss the evolution of his character, the father of God of War responded to one of the most recurring curiosities among the epic-action lovers exclusively on PlayStation: in a hypothetical generational clash between the old Kratos of the last chapter of GoW and the young God of War of the previous chapters set in the mythological universe of Ancient Greece, who would have had the better ?

With a disarming simplicity , the author of Sony Santa Monica has decided not to produce useless words to answer in a crystalline way that, in a battle with no holds barred between the Norse Kratos and his young Greek counterpart, to conquer the laurel of the victory against his direct opponent would have been none other than “the old Kratos. Without any doubt”.

The clarification of Cory Barlog, suggested by the tones chosen to praise the transition to Norse mythology and to illustrate the efforts made by the Sony Santa Monica guys to revive the God of War legend with the documentary Raising Kratos, helps to reinforce the rumors that they would like the Californian authors already working on God of War 2 for PS5 with the return of the Ragnarok and, therefore, of a setting tied to the settings and the epic of the Vikings .