The bizarre alien worlds of The Outer Worlds in 40 minutes of gameplay video

The Outer Worlds

There are only a few weeks left to launch The Outer Worlds and so the guys from Obsidian, in concert with the Game Informer editorial team, offer us a 40-minute video demonstration focusing on the combat system and the free-roaming dynamics of their intriguing GDR in a middle way between Fallout and Futurama.

The long film produced by the Californian authors allows us to become familiar with the complex playful system that oversees the drafting of the plot, between fast-paced shooter sessions and deep phases with multiple-choice dialogues in which each answer will produce direct and immediate effects on the rest of the story.

In this context of sci-fi comedy set in the Western Frontier of a distant planetary system dominated by the law of the strongest, each player will have to carefully choose the actions to be taken, the missions to be undertaken and the people to trust, all seasoned by the unmistakable style of the best production productions by Obsidian.

Before wishing you good vision and to leave you to the comments form to know your opinion on this new video demonstration, we inform those who follow us that The Outer Worlds will arrive on October 25th on PC and Xbox One (“free” with Xbox Game Pass), as well as on PlayStation 4 despite the acquisition of Obsidian by Microsoft . The blockbuster RPG Obsidian is also intended to also land on Nintendo Switch at a later date, presumably in late this year and early 2020.