The Nike Air Max ’97 inspired by the Nintendo 64 has a release date and a price


Almost three months after the announcement, Nike has finally decided to reveal the release date and the selling price of the Air Max ’97 inspired by the Nintendo 64.

The new coloring of one of the most famous sneakers of all time, called Atmosphere Gray, will be launched in the United States of America on September 25th for the price of 170 dollars. At the moment in which we are writing to you, it is not available in the European store of the well-known shoe manufacturer, so at the moment the methods of distribution in our country are not known.

The predominant one of these sneakers is gray, to which are added red, green and blue details reminiscent of the Start, A and B buttons of the famous trident-shaped controller of the Nintendo 64. The Nike logos on the tabs have been replaced left from the word Reset, and right from Power. The ESRB logo is printed on the insoles with the words “Designed in 1997”. For a closer look, please see the images collected in the gallery below.