Zelda Link’s Awakening for Game Boy inspired Ocarina of Time, admits Eiji Aonuma!

Zelda Link's Awakening

Celebrated the launch on Switch of the “new” Zelda with a splendid illustration of Link’s Awakening, after so many years the master Eiji Aonuma explains, revealing it publicly for the first time, that the development of Ocarina of Time was strongly influenced by Zelda Link’s Awakening for Game Boy.

Taking advantage of an interview granted to journalists of EDGE (with statements reported by NintendoEverything), the author of the original Link’s Awakening project and his exquisite remake for Switch admitted that “when I started working on Ocarina of Time, It was really the first time that many of us were managing the development of a 3D game, and therefore it was a challenge. We didn’t know what was right to do and what correct answer to give to certain design questions. dungeons and gameplay mechanics of the first Link’s Awakening”.

The unexpected revelation of the author of Nintendo, as we can easily imagine, surprised his interlocutor to the point of clarifying the concept immediately, stating that “before now I had never told anyone specifically, but at the time ( in the development phase of Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 64, NDR) I always had this vision and so I tried to convert the feelings I felt while playing Link’s Awakening in a 3D world . 

One of the examples brought by Aonuma to witness the strong connection between the blockbuster for the Game Boy and the legendary adventure for N64 is represented by the Piuma di Roc, the object that allows Link to jump from every “ledge” of the map: the function of Ocarina of Time’s automatic jump, reveals Eiji Aonuma, derives precisely from that upgrade!

What do you think of the words of the iconic Japanese author of Nintendo?