Afterparty arrives on PS4 Xbox One and PC in October: are you ready to challenge the Devil?

Afterparty arrives on PS4

For Beyond the announcement, finally Afterparty, the new title of Night School Studio, the authors of Oxenfree, is finally about to see the light, given that the release is officially scheduled for October 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at a price of 19.99 dollars (presumably 1: 1 in euros).

It is a videogame that will follow the adventures of Milo and Lola , the two protagonists, who will find themselves trapped in hell. Their goal will be to return to Earth, abandoning the world of the dead, but for Satan to fulfill their desire, they will have to make a memorable undertaking: to beat the Devil himself in a drinking contest.

As you can imagine this is not an easy job, but exactly as in Oxenfree, players will be able to make decisions during the game, which could facilitate their task and influence their own history.

In addition to this feature, the game seems to have much more in common than Oxenfree’s DNA.

The afterparty will finally be available on the Xbox Game Pass catalog since its launch. What do you think?