Apex Legends: Crypto finally manages to hack the Arena


It has been a while since, in the Canyon of the Kings, the map of Apex Legends, mysterious events happen linked to the numerous attempts by Crypto to bypass the security systems of the Arena. However, it seems that after the sighting of the other day, the hacker has finally succeeded in his intent.

In the last hours, you can in fact witness in the first person the success of Crypto since the banners scattered around the map light up white and then show a black screen with a code and the word “Access Granted” . In short, the mysterious hero could now have control of the Arena technologies and he could be the architect of the changes to the game map that will probably come at the time of the debut of Season 3 of Apex Legends, scheduled for the next 1 October 2019.

In addition to the new character, the new season of the shooter weblog Respawn Entertainment will also boast the presence of a new energy weapon and some changes to the competitive mode.

Waiting to be able to get your hands on all the news that the developers have in store for us, we remind you that with the latest update of Apex Legends several problems related to the performance of the PC version of the battle royale arose.

Did you know that two physical editions of Apex Legends are coming?

Crypto’s hack results on a wall screen during a match from apexlegends