Bloodstained: Koji Igarashi wants to make a series, new chapter on the horizon?


Except for the technical problems encountered with the crippled Nintendo Switch version, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, the Metroidvania inspired by Castlevania Symphony of the Night and directed by the master Koji Igarashi, gained the favor of specialized critics and players.

Igarashi said that creating the game was anything but simple, having first to rely on fundraising on Kickstarter, but also for contracting out different portions of the title to outsourced studios. This last detail has made the product quality control phases particularly complex:

“When you work with an outsourcing firm, it can be difficult to respect quality when things continue to change. With Bloodstained, we first outlined the objectives with the outsource study and made sure our needs were clear, but also with well-defined programming was difficult”.

Due to this situation, the Switch version has unfortunately not received the care it deserved: “I didn’t expect it to come out in such a negative state” , Igarashi admitted, which then confirmed the continuation of work with WayForward to continue to improve optimization on the hybrid console. The Japanese author then went on to reveal that he had to recreate some parts of the experience several times, and to have erased a particular enemy from the game, or “A long line and serpentine creature” inspired by the Castlevania series.

In conclusion, after having poured so much effort and passion to create this first episode, Igarashi confessed to wanting to turn Bloodstained into a real series, and who knows if a sequel will not be announced soon. This, however, will not preclude the arrival of “new games of the same genre set in different universes” .

Recall that Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.