Borderlands 3 at 5 million copies sold, the digital triumphs

Borderlands 3

Analyst Daniel Ahmad has returned to tweeting interesting information on the sales of the videogame market and the protagonist of the last post is Borderlands 3, who managed to place more than 5 million copies in less than a week.

This goal was in fact reached in just 5 days from the debut on the shelves, transforming the Gearbox looter shooter in the 2K Games title to have sold faster than ever. The records, however, are not over, since the third chapter of the series is also the 2K title best sold on PC and more preordained on the much talked about Epic Games Store. Very interesting is also the fact that, in addition to selling 50% more than Borderlands 2, 70% of sales took place digitally. To have pushed sales in this format was without a doubt the PC version, without any boxed version.

Waiting to find out more information on the game’s sales, we remind you that the Borderlands 3 Halloween event will begin shortly, which will be free for all and will allow you to get exclusive skins and weapons. It also seems that it is not among the developers’ plans to include DLC characters in Borderlands 3.