Borderlands 3: how to skip the introductory videos of the PC version

Borderlands 3

Are you tired of having to watch movies with Gearbox and AMD logos at every single Borderlands 3 startup on PC? No problem, as today we will give you some tips on how to disable them and start the game much faster.

Since there is no option to skip videos, the only way to be able to avoid watching them every time is the most drastic one, or delete them. Before proceeding with the guide, however, we invite you to pay close attention, since putting the wrong files in the trash can compromise the correct functioning of the game, so we invite you to get help from someone more experienced in case you have difficulties.

The first step to proceed with the deletion is to find the game folder. Usually, the Gearbox shooter is installed in the folder called Epic Games. At this point open the Borderlands 3 folder, proceed in OakGame, then Content and finally Movies. You should now be in a folder with several movies in MP4 format inside.

To make the videos no longer appear, you need to delete the following files:

  • 2KLOGO.mp4
  • AMDLOGO.mp4
  • GBXLOGO.mp4

An alternative to deleting files is to rename them so that you can return to “normality” at any time by simply giving each video its original name.

Then try to start the game and enjoy the initial upload without any disturbance.

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