Denuvo: Warner Bros. removes the DRM chat from Batman Arkham Knight on the Epic Store

batman arkham

WB Games and high-level Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment decides to remove the controversial Denuvo DRM from the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight present on Epic Games Store.

The initiative promoted by the US giant allows users who wish to download the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight free of charge on the Epic Store by September 26 to avoid the installation of the chatter anti-tampering system used by Warner Bros. to avoid piracy in the delicate title launch period.

The curators of the NeonGaming YouTube portal have thus taken advantage of Denuvo’s removal from Batman Arkham Knight to make a video comparative analysis that demonstrates the benefits brought about by the absence of DRM, quantifying the performance gain between 2 and 3 frames per second regardless of selected graphic settings and resolution chosen to explore Gotham City as the Dark Knight .

Similarly to the initiative promoted by WB Games, even Funcom’s top management decided to upgrade Conan Unconquered to remove Denuvo from the PC Steam version of their strategy. Among the recently commercialized video games that continue to be protected by Denuvo , the most important is certainly Borderlands 3 : the choice made by Gearbox has repaid in commercial terms, if we think that the strong sales of the title and the not negligible fact that the crackers do not they still managed to break into Borderlands 3’s DRM despite having spent more than a week since the looter shooter’s release. However, we remind you that Epic Store offers six Batman games: the promotion will be active until September 26th.