Eastshade: the open world “interactive painting” will arrive in October on PS4 and Xbox One


The independent developers of Eastshade Studios feed our artistic vein by announcing that Eastshade, their evocative open-world adventure landed on PC this February, is set to arrive in October on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Artistically inspired by rural settings in England , reflective video games such as Myst and fantasy works from the first half of the 20th century, the title puts the user in the role of an itinerant painter who went to the island of Eastshade to capture the essence through his paintings, he will have to get in touch with the bizarre inhabitants of the place to satisfy his curiosity and the inexhaustible hunger of artistic works.

If from an aesthetic point of view the adventure sandbox can only bring back to mind the dream scenarios of The Witness or, more recently, of The Sojourn , from the point of view of playability the Eastshade project will draw strength from the western adventures “to offer us missions in which we will have to freely explore the scenery to paint the most evocative panoramas and obtain, in doing so, paintings to be resold to secondary characters. Through these activities, we will receive information in return, materials with which to improve our works and special objects to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the map.

The release of Eastshade on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is scheduled for October 21 this year: at the top and at the bottom of the news you will find the video presentation of the console version and the images taken from the popular PC edition.