FIFA 20: Guide to all new and old celebrations


In FIFA 20 there are numerous celebrations that players can show off after a goal. In this mini-guide we will show you how to do them all, focusing in particular on the new celebrations that were introduced in the new football game by EA Sports.

After scoring a goal, players can celebrate the net with an exultation to show off on the sideline, simply by pressing a short sequence of keys.

How to perform the new FIFA 20 celebrations

Below we list the new celebrations of FIFA 20, explaining how to execute them (with “R” we mean the right analog stick). You can see them in action in the opening movie.

  • Paved – Hold R1 / RB + Press Square / X twice
  • Slide on your knees – Hold R1 / RB + Tilt R to the left twice
  • One eye – Press and hold R2 / RT + Press R
  • Pigeon – Hold R1 / RB + Press R
  • Challenge gesture – Press and hold L2 / LT + Press Square / X twice
  • V – Run towards the camera
  • I can’t hear you – Hold L2 / LT + Hold R to the right
  • Scissors Dance – Hold L1 / LB + Press Square / X
  • Yoga – Press X / A with Salah
  • Guitar Dance – Hold R1 / RB + Tilt R up twice
  • Eat your fingernails – Press and hold R2 / RT + Hold R to the top
  • Drift – Press and hold L1 / LB + Wheel R
  • Frog Dance – Hold L2 / LT + Wheel R
  • Walk fast – Press and hold R1 / RB + Tilt R twice to the right
  • Slap on the head – Run towards the camera and press X / A with Messi

To see how to follow all the other celebrations, including those that were already present in the previous chapters of the series, just look at the top video.

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