Fortnite: the Championship Series changes face and welcome the quartets

Fortnite 10

After the conclusion of the grand finale for the Season X Championship Series, Epic Games announced the next step in Fortnite competitions. ” For all the trio out there, it’s better if you find a fourth, because the next round of the competition will be composed of teams “, revealed the host of the final.

A series of famous Twitch streamer like Turner ” Tfue ” Tenney, Dennis ” Cloak ” Lepore and Thomas ” 72hrs ” Mulligan competed in the first weeks of the tournament, although that trio broke into controversy due to a misunderstanding among the three which cost Tfue about 140,000 dollars.

In the final of the Trio, Zexrow, MackWood and Yung Calculator were crowned champions for North America while Tschiinken, Stompy, and aqua dominated the European final. Some FNCS players already knew of Epic Games’ upcoming change of course.

World Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf has already announced the composition of his quartet for next season just minutes after the announcement.

Bugha confirmed that he would compete alongside Williams ” Zayt ” Aubin, Rocco ” Saf ” Morales and the new Stretched graft, which have already played in streaming together with the Solo champion.

The reaction to the announcement of the format change was welcomed very differently by the players. Some said they were worried about the chaos that four-player teams could bring, as well as server stress that could occur from additional players.

Other players are very happy with the format change next season. Regardless of whether or not fans are enthusiastic about the change, this should lead to some interesting new compositions for the teams in the near future.