Fortnite, the Dusty Depot rocket has been completed: live event coming?


The most attentive among you will surely have noticed an important change introduced on the island of Fortnite Battle Royale with the update 10.30 of two weeks ago, or the appearance of scaffolding on one of the warehouses of Muffito Warehouse, where the Visitor lives. In a short time, the latter also started the construction of a rocket.

Well, as reported by numerous players, the works have come to an end, and the big rocket can now be said to be complete and ready to take off! Judge for yourself by looking at the images attached to this news, or by going directly to the place as soon as you can catapult yourself to the island.

A question now arises: what will happen? It seems that Epic Games is preparing a new live event where all players on the map can watch live at the right time. After all, Fortnite’s X Season is heading towards its conclusion (the ninth week begins on Thursday), and it’s time to set the stage for Season 11, which should begin next October 6th. Long-time players will also surely remember that a rocket from the island has already started in the past: it was June 30, 2018, and we were in the middle of Season 4. That event also entered history thanks to a player, who made a mockery of the community’s truce knocked out 48 players at once! That’s why there are now dedicated playlists for live events.