Hideo Kojima too self-centered? Fans don’t like the author’s latest statements

Hideo Kojima

Being Metal Gear Solid one of the most successful sagas in the history of the medium, Hideo Kojima has over time become one of the most highly regarded directors in the entire gaming industry.

There is, however, someone who does not digest the attitude of the Japanese author with lightness, according to some even too egocentric and megalomaniac. Criticisms that have been raised again on the occasion of a new tweet published by the creator of Death Stranding, in which the exact description of A Hideo Kojima Game was shared, the wording that accompanies the title of each video game created by the director.

“A Hideo Kojima Game” presupposes Kojima’s involvement in ” concept, production, history, screenplay, game design, casting, setting, direction, problem-solving, promotion, visual design, editing, merchandising supervision” .

The rattling off all the tasks performed by Kojima has sparked users irony, but also a marked rift between those who, in fact, saw in this description egocentrism too pushed and a subsequent author’s ingratitude to its employees who are co- participating in the creation of Death Stranding.

A few hours later, in any case, it was Kojima himself who “corrected the pitch” by publishing a couple of tweets in which – among the musicians, the cast, Sony, and the staff of Kojima Productions – all those who have made possible its rebirth after the abandonment by Konami and the creation of the now imminent Death Stranding, arriving on November 8th exclusively on PS4.