Kerbal Space Program 2 “makes it strange”: sex between astronauts will affect the gameplay!


The announcement of Kerbal Space Program 2 during Gamescom confirmed the will of the Star Theory authors to follow the path of realism undertaken by Squad. One of the most realistic elements that we will find in their ambitious “space agency simulator” will be none other than sex between astronauts!

From the pages of the latest issue of the EDGE magazine (with statements taken by PCGamesN), the creative director Nate Simpson has in fact unveiled this interesting novelty of KSP 2 gameplay, declaring that “as the hours go by, while you create your interplanetary colonies, Kerbal (the green creatures impersonated by users to explore the universe of Kerbal Space Program and perform experiments in space, ed) will celebrate … increasing their population”.

The introduction of intimate relationships between astronauts (or better, between kerbonauts) will not be an end in itself but, on the contrary, will represent one of the most important gameplay functions, especially in the more advanced phases focused on the creation and management of the colonies. According to Simpson, in fact, this kind of activity will represent “a great way to release the progression of the colonies from the rapid advancement of time, and this because many of the mechanics that require the management of the colonies would be completely canceled if you decide to use the fast forward time “ .

More than being a mere anecdote, therefore, the clarification of the creative director of Space Theory helps to shed light on the nature of the game dynamics that we will be able to experiment progressing in space exploration. The launch of Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled for the spring of 2020 on PC and subsequently on PS4 and Xbox One: the title will not have Loot Box or microtransactions and will allow us to recreate scenes from movies like Gravity or The Martian.