Need for Speed ​​Heat’s new 4K video diary is dedicated to Livree Editor

Need for Speed ​​Heat's new 4K video diary

Once the question of the influence of the day-night cycle in gameplay has been clarified, the Ghost Games guys bring the Need for Speed ​​Heat racing cars back to the garage to show us the wonders of the Livree Editor of their next open-world driving game.

In addition to the already known processing system that will allow us to enhance the performance of the cars available to our digital driver, in Need for Speed ​​Heat, lovers of customization will be able to access a very rich form for the aesthetic modification of the bodywork.

The new 4K video diary prepared by Swedish authors is entirely dedicated to the livery customization module and shows the many tools we will have available to apply decals and vinyls to create incredibly elaborate designs. We do not know, however, if the bodywork molded by each user can be published online through a social sharing system not too dissimilar to that used by the boys of Turn 10 and Playground Games with the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon series.

Anyway, the Livree Editor of Need for Speed ​​Heat will be available since the launch of the upcoming Electronic Arts racing game, expected for the now-not-too-distant November 8th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.