Nintendo 64: a fan discovers a very rare black N64 controller prototype!

N64 controller prototype!

The engineer Shane Battye shakes the scene of video game collectors announcing that he has managed to discover a very rare Ultra 64 controller prototype, the console market in 1996 with the much more famous Nintendo 64 name.

Through the pages of his official Twitter profile, Battye shares with us his incredible discovery by publishing photos that portray the prototype of the N64 controller, the same admired in the very first promotional images shown by Nintendo in the development phase of Ultra 64. The change of name of the console from Ultra 64 to Nintendo 64 was decided by the leaders of the Great N to avoid a more than probable legal dispute with Konami caused by the use of the term “Ultra”, previously registered in Japan as a trademark of the “Ultra Games” division of Konami itself.

Compared to the version marketed in ’96 and ’97 by Nintendo with the N64, the Ultra 64 controller prototype has an identical form factor, with black and gray color for the shell and the keys, respectively. The most important difference, however, is that represented by the plastic base of the analog stick: if on the joystick of the Ultra 64 the latter is circular in shape and surrounded by twelve notches with a purely aesthetic function, on the final version of the Nintendo 64 the base loses its notches and takes on a geometric shape with octagonal grooves that “accentuate” the movements of the analog on the main axes. In addition to the analog stick of more generous dimensions, in the prototype of the N64 controller, we also find the housing for the Rumble Pack that allowed the joystick to acquire the vibration function, the other small great revolution inaugurated by Nintendo in the console field together with the analog itself.

At the bottom of the news, you will find the images published on Twitter by Battye: in the meantime, we remind you that Nintendo has turned 130 years old. Recently, a Nintendo 64 addict had fun using a Neural AI to improve the textures of 150 N64 games.