Nintendo Switch Lite has no TV output, no possibility to implement it via software

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From the teardown of Nintendo Switch Lite proposed by the YouTube channel Spawn Wave, an interesting detail emerges about the TV output of the new portable console of the Kyoto company.

We obviously know that Nintendo Switch Lite does not support the transmission of the video signal from the console to the TV / Monitor screen, however, many expected a possible addition of this feature via a software update in the near future.

In reality, there is no possibility that this happens because the console is not physically available of the hardware necessary to send the video signal to external sources. As pointed out by Spawn Wave, all the components linked to the aforementioned aspect is completely absent in Nintendo Switch Lite, so it would be impossible to enable video transmission via software or unofficial hacks.

Nintendo Switch Lite is, therefore, a console with a 100% portable vocation and there is no room for maneuver to define it as a home platform, after all the company itself was clear on this point, with Switch being considered the “Premium” model and Switch Lite the variant intended for consumers who only want to play on the move, giving up some features to the advantage of a lower cost of purchase and greater portability and maneuverability.