Pokémon GO: today the ultra bonus and raids of Mewtwo Shiny close


Changes coming to Pokémon GO, so all coaches who want to enjoy the ultra bonuses and have their chance to capture Mewtwo in fifth level raids, they’d better hurry up, since today is the last day when it’s possible to do it.

In fact, after three weeks of the launch, the current bonuses, which consist of other things, in an increased spawn rate for Unima and the reduced distance to hatch eggs will expire at 10 pm today. At the same time, the presence of Mewtwo Shiny will also end in the fifth level raids, which will instead make room for Giratina, which is available again for a limited period.

If you have not yet managed to capture your Mewtwo do not despair: the pokémon will return to the Raid EX on October 5th, with a new attack of the Shadow Ball spectrum type. To participate in the Raid EX, whose events will be sent from September 25th, it will be sufficient to win a raid in a suitable gym (check the details of the gym to find out if it is).

This is basically the closure of the Pokémon GO summer events, but the Niantic app is already preparing for the fall season, with the next Community Day dedicated to Trapinch, already set for October 12th.