PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: the author of Warriors Orochi 4 dreams of large-scale simulation games

Warriors Orochi 4

Discussing the future opportunities offered by the next-gen with Twinfinite colleagues, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate director, Tomohiko Sho, said he was certain that the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hardware will make it possible to develop even more simulation games realistic and on an even larger scale.

The Japanese author starts from the example provided by the series he directed with Warriors Orochi 4 and explains that “although many think of Warriors Orochi’s games as titles in which it is possible to observe only a group of characters who fight, in reality they are it’s about video games that try to simulate the events happening on a battlefield as truthfully as possible, which is why my team and I really believe that in the next generation of consoles we will be able to create vast battles simulations with armies made up of a number huge number of soldiers, thanks to which offer a realistic sensation to the user “ .

To reiterate the concept and more fully illustrate his vision of next-gen applied to video games based on simulations of large-scale battles, the author of the Omega Force team added that “we think the new consoles will be able to give away an ‘exhilarating experience for fans of this kind of video game’ . Recently, even the developers of Tower Five have discussed next-gen and claimed that PS5 will offer more advanced simulations and renderings thanks to new GPUs and CPUs that will presumably debut at the end of 2020.