PUBG is the first Battle Royale Mobile to cash in a billion dollars


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, developed by Bluehole, enjoys unstoppable success even in the mobile sphere. After the relaunch in China, under the name of Game for Peace, PUGB Mobile is officially the first Battle Royale Mobile to have exceeded a billion dollars in the collection.

As revealed by, since PUBG Mobile returned to China also, with new elements dedicated to pro-Chinese military propaganda, Tencent (the Asian publisher of the game) has seen earnings growth, related to in-app purchases, increase by 540% in just one year. The data takes into account both the Android version and the iOS version.

In August 2018 the global monthly revenue recorded by PUGB Mobile was around 25 million dollars. In just one year the figure has risen to 160 million. As for the iOS version, outside of China, PUGB Mobile recorded an annual revenue increase of 165%. Last July the game had 21 million registered users. In just one month, the number has more than doubled, exceeding 45 million players.

The fiercest rival of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, instead showed a 36% decrease in monthly receipts from in-app purchases in the iOS version (sales figures do not take into account China, where the game has not yet been published).