Sony announces a partnership with Playing for the Planet, PS5 will reduce the environmental impact

Playing for the Planet

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that it has partnered with the entity Playing for the Planet, which has been fighting for years to limit the effects of climate change on planet Earth.

Jim Ryan said he was very satisfied with this collaboration and assured that Sony will do its part to contribute to safeguarding the planet (also) with PlayStation 5. Specifically, the president and CEO of SIEE states that ” the new generation of PlayStation will make it possible to suspend the game with less energy consumption than on PS4, with a saving of 0.5 watts.”

Another move to limit the damage to the planet will be to reduce the use of paper and cardboard by trying to produce packages that are more sustainable for the environment, even if on this point there do not seem to be any specific plans yet.

Jim Ryan reiterates that ” protecting the planet is a focal point in the strategies of Sony Interactive Entertainment ” and the collaboration with Playing for the Planet will further strengthen the commitments of the Japanese giant regarding pollution and the reduction of environmental impact.