The latest Apex Legends update causes PC performance problems

Apex Legends

The Apex Legends update on September 19 solved the Code Leaf error but apparently also caused performance problems on the PC, as reported in the game’s official Reddit channel.

There are many users who, even on the Electronic Arts forum, are complaining about problems with the PC version after installing the latest Apex Legends update. According to some theories, the decline in performance would be linked to the anti-cheat system of the Respawn Battle Royale.

Specifically, some players report performance decreased by 50% on machines that reach and widely exceed even the recommended requirements. In certain areas of the map, it has gone from 85 to 45 fps while others report a decrease from 144 to 80 fps and this also lowering the texture quality to a minimum.

At the moment the study has not released statements about it, but the reports are multiplying and probably in a short time Respawn will shed light on this. The improvement in performance will be a determining factor also in view of the arrival of Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown, starting on October 1st. Season 3 will see, in addition to the entry of Crypto, also the arrival of changes linked to the scoring system of the classified matches, news requested loudly by the community over the last few months.