Will the Court of Owls be present in the new Batman game?

Batman game

During the weekend WB Games Montreal released a very short video teaser that seems to anticipate the imminent announcement of a new video game by Batman… will it be linked to the Court of Owls? The odds look very high!

For some time there has been the talk of the appearance of the Court of Owls in Batman Arkham and rumors seem to find confirmation in the retweet by Scott Snyder, who shared Warner Bros teaser on Twitter using the hashtag #bewarethecourtofowls. Once he realized the oversight, he immediately canceled his message but not quickly enough for the eyes of the Internet users.

The Court of Owls made its appearance in 2011 introduced by Snyder, this secret order will probably be at the center of the events of the new Batman game, apparently developed by the Montreal studio (the same as Batman Arkham Origins and Origins Blackgate) and not from Rocksteady.

Batman Arkham Court of Owls could be announced tomorrow (Tuesday, September 24th) during Sony’s State of Play event scheduled at 10 pm (GMT +2) or a little later in the Inside Xbox showcase airing at midnight Tuesday and Wednesday. The hypotheses are many, few the certainties, in any case, it does not seem to miss much to reveal the new Batman Arkham.