Xbox Game Studios: former Batman Arkham developers working on the new Fable?


The workforce that is merging into PlayGround Games, Microsoft’s internal development team working on a mysterious role-playing game, is increasingly numerous and interesting.

According to rumors, the Forza Horizon 4 authors are at work on the new chapter of Fable, a series that left fans with a dry mouth for a long time and that has not been discussed since the failure of Legends. However, it seems that the works are going on quietly and that the development team is slowly expanding with prominent names in the gaming industry. In fact, among the new entries in the studio, we find Martin Lancaster, Craig Owens, and Philip Huxley. All three have previously worked as writers for at least one of the Batman Arkham series chapters and, in some cases, have spent a short time in other studios such as Ghost Games (Electronic Arts).

These are not the only developers with precedents in the industry, in fact among the current members of Playground Games we find people who have worked on Anthem, Hellblade, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and many others.

About Warner Bros. and the Dark Knight, it seems the new Batman video game is about to be announced and tomorrow’s State of Play game could be the perfect stage.