Zelda Link’s Awakening: where to find all the Fragments of Heart

Zelda Link's Awakening

As seen in the original Game Boy chapter, also in Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch it is possible to collect Heart Fragments to increase the maximum health value. In this mini-guide, we will show you how to get them all 32.

Compared to the original chapter, in the Zelda Link’s Awakening for Switch remake, some additional Fragments of Heart were added, which can be achieved by completing challenges. Some fragments are easy to find, while others require a little more attention. Let’s see how and where to find them all.

How and where to get the 32 Fragments of Heart of Zelda Link’s Awakening

Below we list all 32 Fragments of Heart present in the Zelda Link’s Awakening remake, explaining how to get them.

  1. On the way to the Mysterious Forest, jump off the ledge to enter the well.
  2. Gather puppets in the game located south-east of the Mabe Village. To participate you will have to shell out 10 rupees.
  3. By participating again in the game, you will find another Fragment of Heart.
  4. In the Mabe Village shop, you can buy a Fragment of Heart for the price of 200 rupees, right from the start of the adventure.
  5. Attend the fishing mini-game north of the Mabe Village (you’ll have to pay 10 rupees) and catch the first fish.
  6. After catching the first fish, draw a larger one.
  7. Inside the cave immediately to the right of the Mabe Village.
  8. The cave near the previous one. You will have to enter by blowing up the wall with a bomb.
  9. Between the Mysterious Forest and the House of the Witch. Use Roc’s feather to jump over holes.
  10. In a trunk dug north of the Mysterious Forest. Use the harpoon to reach the platform.
  11. In the first hollowed trunk, push the boulders and use the power bracelet to lift the skulls.
  12. In a dungeon, whose entry to the ground is obstructed by boulders. Once inside, use bomb, harpoon, and feather to reach the Fragment of Heart.
  13. Located at the top right in the Tabahl desert.
  14. On the way to collect the Slime Key, find the Fragment of Heart in the upper right corner of the field.
  15. Jump on the ladder located to the right of the telephone box in Martha’s Bay.
  16. Take the lower left exit of the Animal Village and follow the path to the upper left.
  17. Located in a cave in the upper right corner behind the Animal Village. You will need bombs and a harpoon.
  18. In the room below the boss Lanmola. Destroy the north wall with the bomb.
  19. Walk north from the village to where you can go with the harpoon across the river. Hang up and go down the stairs on the left bank.
  20. Swim east from the fisherman’s tunnel, down the waterfall and down to the left of the castle. Plunge beside the drawbridge.
  21. In the cave, you can reach swimming directly north of the ancient ruins.
  22. During the rapid descent on the sea, take the stream to the left and collect the Fragment of Heart on the islet.
  23. Complete the fast water ride within the time limit.
  24. Swim east from the entrance to the fisherman’s tunnel and enter the first cave.
  25. Plunge into the water south of the mermaid statue in Martha’s Bay.
  26. On the way to the fisherman’s tunnel. You will pass through a room with a puzzle to solve. Exit the nearby door and go back to solve it.
  27. West of the house of the bird keeper, where we find Marin on the bridge. Head west as far as you can and go down the stairs. Place a bomb on the south wall.
  28. Located on the trail to Turtle Rock. Head west from the area where the boulders fall.
  29. Crossing the prison, this Fragment of Heart is on the outside, up the stairs at the top.
  30. Collect five Shells to get a Fragment of Heart.
  31. Complete the fourth mission “Fill your Hearts”.
  32. Complete the “Cenrale Pass” mission.

To more easily locate the 32 Fragments of Heart with a visual reference, you can watch the video at the top.