A new trailer for Succubus, Agony’s spin-off of Madmind Studio


Succubus is a spin-off of Agony, survival horror developed by Madmind Studio published in the summer of 2018. To return to experience the nightmare, players are asked to take on the role of Vydjia, a demon of lust in search of revenge.

The succubus then returns to show itself in action and does so through the Cherub Trailer. Part of Vydija’s history has already been told in Agony, in the Unrated version of the title. The first queen promised to Nimrod, the new ruler of hell, then captured, betrayed and mutilated by her own species: the desire for revenge is a direct consequence of all this.

Madmind Studio has not yet revealed the launch date for Succubus, which is currently only available in a PC version.

The new Succubus trailer is a good opportunity for developers to publish a free update for Agony, in its Unrated version (available on Steam). This new content will allow players to cross their destiny and their nightmares with a new species of demon: a Cherub, a creature born of sin. Particularly skilled in the use of fire, this demon species likes to attack the player in groups of numerous specimens.

In early 2019 Agony sold over 160,000 copies, considering all existing versions (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC).