Anthem: BioWare reminds us that the Cataclysm event is about to end

Cataclysm event anthem

Anthem’s post-launch support was not at all exemplary, but in recent times players have been able to participate in an in-game event – the Cataclysm – and get lots of new rewards.

Everything, however, comes to an end, and so does the Cataclysm. To remind us are the same guys from BioWare, who intervened on Twitter to warn players that the event will close its doors today, September 24th. “Here, Specialists – last call to take part in the Cataclysm. It will give you everything it has. Challenge it before it closes on the 24th! Be strong on your own, be strong together. ” In essence, you still have a few hours to participate in the activities offered and try to unlock the rewards that you lack.

And then, what will happen in Anthem? The answer, unfortunately, is ” we don’t know “. BioWare has recently distorted the plans for post-launch support, abandoning the structure of the Acts presented at the time of the game’s release last February. The study said it was working on new content, but it revealed absolutely nothing about it. Before saying goodbye, we take the opportunity to point out that Anthem is included in the catalogs in Origin and EA Access.