Apex Legends: even the Twitter account is in the hands of Crypto

Apex Legends: Will Wattson Be a New Hero of Season 2?

As you well know by now, Season 2 of Apex Legends is winding down and next week will begin the third highly anticipated season of the shooter of Respawn Entertainment, during which Crypto, a new weapon and perhaps new areas in the Canyon of the Kings will arrive. however, the hacker is stirring up the Arena.

In fact, after several hacking attempts, Crypto managed to sneak into the security systems of the map and since then strange things are not happening at stake, but also on the official Twitter profile. A mysterious message has appeared recently on the social page of the title and, observing it very carefully, it is possible to isolate some characters that form the phrase “Answers Tomorrow”, which suggests that in the coming hours we could finally see the publication of the first trailer of Meltdown, Season 3 of Apex Legends.

We remind you that at the moment Crypto has full control of the map and therefore he could be the cause of the next transformations that will involve the Canyon of the Kings. know precisely the contents of the Season Pass.