Call of Duty: Modern Warfare “tactical nuke” returns after ten years


The last weekend of Call of Duty Modern Warfare open beta, the new episode of Activision’s historic shooter series developed by Infinity Ward, has allowed players to delve into the plots of this chapter, to unveil old and new mechanics and to discover some “return”.

The ” tactical nuke ” (in simple words, the nuclear bomb), reappears in fact Call of Duty ten years after the last time it was dropped in Modern Warfare 2, back in 2009. The tactical bomb was the most difficult weapon to get in the game: once 25 consecutive kills were carried out the bomb could be triggered, causing a giant nuclear explosion that swallowed the battlefield in white light, destroying everything and everyone. The end result was the victory of the team that had dropped it, regardless of the last recorded result.

In the Ground War 32vs32 mode of the open beta of the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare, all focused on new cross-play features, some Reddit users were able to capture the event with some clips and screenshots. The new tactical nuke works essentially the same way but this time requires as many as 30 consecutive kills. Once done, the player composes a code in the gamepad and the operator’s voice starts the countdown. After ten seconds the explosion occurs, accompanied by the classic mushroom-shaped cloud and lots of dust. The result is no different from that of 2009, the game is won by the team that obtained the nuclear weapon.

Graphically the effect impresses as much as the result obtained on the battlefield. Did you manage to see a tactical bomb at work?

A good view of a tactical nuke from modernwarfare