Can Nintendo Switch Lite be connected to the TV? Yes, but only to that of Boombox stereos!


The fan of the console with the ball for the “videogame retro-engineering” that manages the My Mate VINCE YouTube channel tried to circumvent the hardware limitations due to the absence of the Switch Lite TV output to connect Nintendo’s new portable jewel to a Boombox stereo with attached TV.

To succeed in this endeavor, the YouTuber appealed to all his experience as an engineer and to the hundreds of hours spent disassembling and reassembling the most disparate consoles: with the aid of an HDMI adapter (and lots of patience ), the author of the experiment recorded a video that illustrates all the steps made and shows the effective functioning of Switch Lite in “retro-docked mode”.

The artefacts and distortion effects of the image that we can admire in his video are not visible “live” but are due to the different technology used in the television transmission of images between old analogue devices, such as the cathode ray tube used in the portable stereo Panasonic’s Boombox produced in 1984, and modern digital screens. All this, despite the lack of Switch Lite TV output.

The system adopted by the YouTuber, therefore, should allow the use of Switch Lite video games on any cathode ray tube TV panel equipped with an RGB or RCA input, albeit with all the consequences in terms of difficulty of use and, above all, of potential damage to the console that you can easily guess.