DOOM Eternal: the ESRB has formalized the shooter classification

Doom Eternal Will Receive Two Single-Player Expansions After Launch

Through the publication of an animated GIF among the pages of the official Twitter profile of the DOOM series, Bethesda has revealed the classification assigned to DOOM Eternal by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

DOOM Eternal has been assigned the classification “M” (“for Mature”) and we are ready to bet that you would never have expected it. The title, whose debut is set on 22 November 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Switch, is a first-person shooter, a direct sequel to DOOM.

As per the tradition for the series, Eternal will present a massive dose of blood and violence (and those of the ESRB if they have noticed, in fact).

Recently Marty Stratton of id Software has called DOOM Eternal as ” the best thing he has ever done”, pointing out that from the beginning the team wanted to offer a very high-quality product, improving the previous chapter in every aspect.

DOOM Eternal will be present in playable form at the Games Week 2019 in Milan, which will be held at Fiera Milano Rho from 27 to 29 September.

And now take a seat next to us; to pass the wait, so as not to suffer the cold of the weeks that separate us from the debut of DOOM Eternal, we invite you to take a sip of DOOM Bone Vodka , created by Rebel Distiller in collaboration with Bethesda. To yours!