Fallout 76: GameStop USA draws exclusive helmets for a potential mold risk


The CPSC government commission to protect US consumers urged the heads of GameStop USA to take action to immediately recall the Fallout 76 helmets of an exclusive series that, apparently, was sold in the United States alone.

The initiative involves about 20,000 metal and plastic helmets with red and marrocina “Nuka Cola theme” that replicate the T-51b atomic armour helmet of Fallout 76. According to what is described in the illustrative card that accompanies the CPSC document which intimates to GameStop USA to provide for the recall of items sold from November 2018 to the present, the exclusive helmets of Fallout 76 would expose buyers and their families to the risk of toxic mould.

As stated by the American government body itself, the problem in question would have been highlighted only and exclusively in this particular category of helmets sold exclusively by GameStop USA, without referring to the homonymous T-51b helmets of the Armatura Atomica editions of Fallout 76 sold so much in the States than in Europe. The risk of yet another case like that of the bag-gate with the adjoining legal case that involved Bethesda and the mass replacement of the nylon bags present in all the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76, therefore, would seem to be averted.