FIFA 20: broken the day one of the standard version in Italy!


It seems that the day one of FIFA 20 has also been broken as regards the standard edition of the game Electronic Arts, officially coming on Friday 27 September, yet already on sale in some of the boot stores.

Starting today, the Champions and Ultimate editions are available, allowing you to play three days in advance ( starting September 24th) while for the basic version it will be necessary to wait for Friday. One of our readers, however, tells us that he has purchased the game regularly and to testify if he sends us a photo, complete with a regular receipt (obscured by us to avoid spreading the name of the store).

In all likelihood other independent retailers and large chains will follow the same example in the coming hours, we can expect other stores to break the day one of FIFA 20 between today, tomorrow and Thursday 26 September , or the hottest day ever for the break of the day one, a few hours after the official marketing.