FIFA 20: how to score goals with effect Punishment Kicks

FIFA 20:

FIFA 20 has introduced a new system to beat free kicks. In this mini-guide, we explain how it works, showing you how to perform punishments for making goals from set-pieces.

Below, all the steps to be taken to score goals with effectual punishment in FIFA 20

Ideal distance

The first parameter to consider is the distance between the ball and the opponent’s goal. The ideal distance to score goals with a punishment effect is between 16 and 23 meters.

Choose the right beater

Next, you will have to choose the player to whom the free kick is to be hit by selecting it from the relevant window menu. The two most important statistics to consider are the precision in set pieces (the second value starting from the top) and the amount of effect that the player is able to give to the shot (the third value starting from the top).

Where to aim

To score a goal with a free-kick, we advise you to aim just above the innermost barrier player, moving the slider with the left analog stick, as shown in the video at the top.

Shot power

Dosing the shot with the right power is crucial for scoring with a punishment. To give the ideal power, try to fill the bar with 2 bars or 2 bars and a half at most.


To give effect to the ball you will have to use the right analog stick, drawing a semi-circle counterclockwise while the player is about to hit the ball. To give more precision to the shot, remember to be able to finalize the conclusion in time, locking the indicator at the right time inside the green bar.