Final Fantasy 7 Remake: official box art published and a new series of screenshots


Square-Enix has officially removed the veils at the final box of Final Fantasy VII Remake. What you can see in full at the bottom of the news is the western cover that will accompany the retail edition of the highly anticipated remake of one of the most beloved chapters of the historic JRPG saga.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake box art pays tribute to that of the original title published in 1997, and today, as then, Cloud Strife is the protagonist ready to face the evil Shinra Corporation armed with its impressive Buster Sword (on which it is possible to see the presence of two spheres of Matter, the energy with which we can infuse our blade and deliver magic blows in combat).

As if that were not enough, Square-Enix then released a succulent new gallery of images that you can take a look at at the end of the news. The screenshots linger on the close-ups of some of the most well-known characters in the game, including Cloud himself, Barret and Tifa, but they also give us the opportunity to admire the spectacularity of the combat phases (which can also be tackled through the Classic Mode, specially designed for longtime fans).

Leaving you to view the shots, we remind you that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 starting March 3, 2020.