Fortnite, 10.40 update coming: aim changes and new Combine mode


Although it is still lacking a release date, we know that the Fortnite 10.40 update is around the corner. Pending publication, which should take place tomorrow – or at the latest Thursday – Epic Games has unveiled some of the most important innovations that will be introduced.

Yesterday, the American team told us about the new matchmaking system and the introduction of BOTs. Today, however, he has revealed that important changes will be introduced to the sensitivity of the controllers and to the assisted aiming, and the Combine mode. We proceed with the order.

Epic Games explains that the sensitivity of the controller has been reworked, with the addition of a new options screen. Now there are 10 pre-sensitivity settings to choose from or, alternatively, an Advanced Settings screen with much more detailed customization tools (as you can see in the gallery below). As for Assisted Aim, Epic Games has implemented a new system that should guarantee a more coherent command response, regardless of distance. This new system applies different assistance intensities based on the distance of the target from the reticle. Furthermore, the assisted aiming now traces more targets and applies assistance based on a new algorithm, helping in situations where new enemies can “steal” the assisted aim and move it away from an existing target already pointed. Also, now the crosshairs turn red when they are aimed at an enemy target that is within the effective range.

The last big news is the Combine mode, where players can test their skills. The goal is to reach the end of the path as quickly as possible while eliminating all targets in the meantime. The perfect place to test new options for controller sensitivity! The mode also includes online rankings, in which times can be ordered based on the input device, whether it is keyboard and mouse, controller or touch. Meanwhile, the good Ninja has already said he is wary of the new matchmaking system and bots.