Fortnite, matchmaking changes from update 10.40: Season 11 will welcome the Bots

Fortnite matchmaking

Epic Games intends to make some changes to the Fortnite matchmaking system: Battle Royale: here are all the details shared by the development team.

Through an update published on the pages of the official website of the battle royale, Epic Games has announced that it is working on some changes linked to the system of matching players in the real Battle Royale mode. In order to develop a matchmaking system capable of competing with players of similar skill level, some changes will be introduced gradually. The process starts with the Fortnite 10.40 update and will see a gradual implementation in the different geographical areas. The development team aims to constantly monitor the results obtained, but, so far, not many details have been offered and the official website of the battle royale reports: ” We will give you other information when it is fully active in all regions, to receive your comments when you have tried it. ”

An interesting detail was however shared: Epic Games announced that Fortnite Season 11 will see the introduction of” Bot ” The latter will be joined by the new matchmaking system and “ They will behave similarly to normal players and give players more opportunities to hone their skills .” By increasing their skill level, players will progressively face fewer and fewer Bots. the latter will be totally absent from the internal competitive playlists.

What do you think of this news? Pending further details, we would like to remind you that the Fortnite X Batman event has recently started and that the Dusty Depot rocket has been completed.