Fortnite: new loading screen feeds the rumors about the big changes coming

Fortnite LOADING

Fortnite is a rapidly evolving game with updates that follow one another over time. The next update should be scheduled for this week, perhaps tomorrow. While Epic has revealed some of the most important news, some users may have revealed the presence of major changes.

Only a few days ago some Reddit data miner had revealed the presence of more and more portions of code concerning some sections that do not seem to belong to the current game map. The new zones were then listed in a tweet we published earlier.

In addition to the data on the map, users have discovered a new loading screen in which some players greet the bus from the battlefield, while the sun seems to leave room for the night, making way for the coming of the Visitor. All this leaves one to think of big changes coming, not only in the gameplay but also in the events inside the game.

Meanwhile, the official Fortnite event dedicated to Batman is still ongoing. L ‘ 10:40 update is upon us, what should we expect from Fortnite?