Fortnite: Ninja’s concerns about new matchmaking and bots

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Yesterday, in a post published on the Epic Games website, several changes were announced for the most-played battle royale in the world, as well as those related to the crossover with the Batman and the recurring items on a map all new.

First of all, a new matchmaking system will be implemented based on the skills of the players and then the introduction of AI bots, to help newbies improve their skills at lower levels.

Ninja, as well as many other players, expressed some doubts about such a system, especially regarding the arrival of bots in the matches. The most famous streamer in the world has expressed a particular doubt: ” … is it not that this system will make it easier for people to do stream sniping? 

This concern obviously derives from the eternal question that has always afflicted the experience of playing streamer, targeted by players who, in the same game, take advantage by observing the opponent’s position live through his own transmission.

Ninja, in short, is simply stating that the addition of matchmaking based on Fortnite skills (and the introduction of bots) would only further encourage sniping as it would be even easier for opponents to recognize real players from controlled one’s AI.