Ghost Recon Breakpoint: all the details on the contents and the Pass of the Year 1


With the release date of the new chapter of the Ghost Recon series, Ubisoft shared important details on some of the features of the production.

In particular, the contents of the Year 1 of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint were illustrated in detail, including through the publication of an infographic, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news. The latter will include three different episodes and will see the introduction of different contents, including Raids, presented as four-player cooperative experiences, free-to-play for all users and with exclusive rewards. Also included a Live Event, and the Live Events, events that will see the participation of ” special guests “. Here are the first details:

  • Episode 1, Operation Greenstone: will start at the launch of the game and will end on January 2020. It will include the “Project Titan” Raid, set on a volcanic island. A Live Event will be dedicated to the Terminator, with a narrative arc related to the T-800. The Engineer’s Class will be introduced, free for all players: Pass holders of Year 1 will be able to unlock it immediately and have one week’s early access. Two narrative missions will start every three weeks and new PvP maps will be introduced;
  • Episode 2, New Adventure – Deep State: scheduled for February – May 2020. The new “Deep State” adventure will offer five hours of gameplay that will expand the original story. The first of these will be accessible to all players, the Pass Year 1 offers access to the entire content (a nonowner can join a friend who has the Pass to end the co-op adventure, but will not get the exclusive rewards ). Expected updates for Project Titan, a new special event, a new class (the Pass will offer immediate release and one-week early access), updates for Factions Missions and PvP;
  • Episode 3, New Adventure – Transcendence: a new adventure with about five hours of gameplay, with access mechanism identical to Deep State. Equally the mechanics related to the new class. Also planned a new special event and new Factions Missions. Details on Raid and PvP updates will be released in the future;