Google: the multiplayer on Stadia will be “far superior” to that on PCs and consoles

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In an interview with the editors of the Kinda Funny podcast, the director in charge of the video game division of Google, Jack Bruser, confided in the goodness of the platform in-game streaming of Big G to the point of believing that Stadia will know how to outclass the consoles on the theme of the multiplayer experience.

To those who wonder if the exclusive cloud nature of the new Google platform could affect the quality of the multiplayer gaming experience offered, Bruser has no doubts that “oh yes, playing on the net on Stadia is much better than you could never get from a console (or a physical platform like PC, ed . ) This is because all the game instances are in the cloud and shared in the same ecosystem, with robust pipelines that allow an incredibly high bandwidth. we can finally imagine multiplayer worlds with hundreds, thousands of people playing together in the same lobby, all simultaneously and easily viewable on-screen”.

According to the head of the gaming division of Google, therefore, the unified ecosystem of Stadia will represent one of its greatest strengths, especially in those games that require a large number of users connected to the network :“A perfect example can be that of the Battle Royale, where you have hundreds of users playing at the same time in the same game. Basically, on PC and console, this can only happen through the simultaneous coordination of all systems, each ‘obliged’ to connect to others and synchronize perfectly. It may not seem like it but it is a very difficult engineering problem, that’s why the Battle Royales represent a relatively new genre and with so many gameplay challenges that have yet to be solved. is basically about participating in the planet’s LAN Party”.